Services and pricing

$40 - Hockey Skate Profiling (includes sharpening) 
Skate “Profiling” involves changing the shape of the skate blade to help a player maximize their skating potential. balance contouring. During the process, we can change major attributes of the blade such as the radius of the profile (ROP), rocker point, and radius of the hollow (ROH). Not sure what profile is best for you? Let our pros help you find what works best for your skating style 

$10 - ROH Sharpening
Standard ROH (Radius of Hollow)  skate sharpening available in increments from 3/8" to 1.5" Not sure what radius to use? Let our pros help you find what works best for your skating style

$12 - FBV Sharpening
The revolutionary new FBV (Flat Bottom V)  skate sharpening system. Greater power. Enhanced agility. Better control. These are just a few of the improvements skaters from recreational leagues to the pros are reporting with this new blade sharpening technique

$20 - New skate sharpening
Cross-grind and sharpen new steel

$99 - Hockey season skate sharpening card
Get unlimited sharpening for one pair of skates for the entire hockey season. Valid for only one pair of skates and not transferable. 

$20 - Professional skate fitting
Fee is credited towards the purchase of new skates

$1 per - Steel rivet replacement

$2 per - Copper rivet replacement

$20 - Skate bake